Experiments with Muscle Wire and Paper (Pt. 2)

I’ve been continuing my experiments with using muscle wire to enact shape-change in paper. I have been cutting the wire from a 5m spool into 10cm – 20cm strips, and attaching it to paper in loops.

The muscle wire (0.006 diameter)

After the last experiments I completed, I switched to using a lighter paper.

I used lighter 49gm paper

Additionally, I found some crocodile clips used for jewelry making which I am using to grip the wire. They were a good find, as wire can be attached to the other side to make a good connection.

I bought crocodile clips to grasp the muscle wire

The first arrangement I tried with my new 49gm paper was a V-pleat fold with 20 cm of wire.

V-pleat folds with 20 cm of muscle wire

Sellotape was first used to attach the muscle wire to the paper – however, I found that the sellotape added to the weight. I used a sewing needle to weave the muscle wire through the paper.

The muscle wire was sewn through the paper

The muscle wire was still struggling to lift the weight of the paper. I cut the paper by about a third to reduce the weight.

The wire is still not lifting the paper as much as I would like. I will need to experiment with increasing the length of the wire used, and exploring different ways to attach it to the paper.




2 years ago

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