Prototyping with Origami

I am becoming increasingly interested in origami as a material for a shape-changing interface. There are a several reasons for this. For one, there is a huge body of established knowledge around the different shape-changing origami designs in existence, from books to Youtube tutorials. Designs are accessible and varied, and materials (i.e. different types of paper) are cheap. Beyond this, the technical implementation required to create an automed origami shape-changing interface appears to be relatively straightforward – a bi-polar stepper motor could be integrated into the internal structure to expand the shapes outward and pull them back in. Of course, this could be more complicated than it seems, as is often the case with these types of projects. I am beginning technical experiments next week, once I have gathered the correct components.

The drawback at this stage of prototyping is the length of time it takes to make even a simple model to experiment with, due to my inexperience with origami. Of course, this time should decrease as I learn the models, but it does make for slow progress currently. The video below demonstrates the slowness of my current folding.

The Models and Their Movements




2 years ago

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